You will move into a new home,
but you need the advice of a professional?

You want something out of the ordinary

Thanks to our long experience, our team can understand easier your ideas and create them later!

You would like to see the interior in advance

Our team is specialized in sketching and photo-realistic visualizations. This way you will be able to get a perfect idea of ​​both the lighting and the materials of your apartment.

You need help with the implementation

You are in the right place, because we can take care of the whole process!


The joint work between the designer and the client is the most important for achieving optimal results. This is why we have created a short explanation, which will show the different steps and stages of the development of your interior project, which we will walk together to achieve your perfect home design.

  • We need an architectural drawing / sketch of your apartment to get acquainted with the space.
  • We will discuss the main things that we see at first glance and we will ask you for your opinion and vision for the living space.
    Based on this information, we will create a detailed price offer and prepare a contract to start the project.
  • We will visit the site again to take dimensions, pictures and of original dimensions.


Technical assignment

Before starting the interior design, it is necessary to create a technical assignment, which will be a starting point for the development of your residential or public project. We undertake the research in the form of a list.

  • Style and design that we will pursue.
  • Preferences for different rooms.
  • The type of life you are aiming for.


Floor plan

-up to 10 days-

Development of the floor and furniture plan based on the dimensions, construction standards and your preferences. At this stage, we create a detailed plan for each individual room for your convenience, which would be agreed and approved by you.


Conceptual design

-up to 40 days-

The conceptual project design is the beginning and preparation of any residential or public interior. We clear out all of the details about your vision and requirements for the furniture plan, the aesthetic look and appearance of the spaces. Based on your preferences, our team will recreate your lifestyle.


To achieve good quality about the overall design concept of your living space, we could create sketches showing the three-dimensional solution of your interior. In this way you will be able to orient yourself faster in the concept for which we are heading for.

3D Visualization

The last stage of the conceptual design is the creation of a photorealistic images (3D visualizations), which will be presented to you. From these images you will be able to feel the style, color scheme, combination of materials, furniture position, lighting and decoration. The images will help you sneak a peek of the interior even before we have produced it.


Work project

-up to 20 days-

It is a sequel of the already approved conceptual design and will present a detailed technical solution for the internal design. This technical solution includes complete documentation, a complete set of drawings, details and graphics necessary before starting the execution of the interior project, in order to avoid any follow-up questions.


With this documentation we take full responsibility for the overall technical development and layout of your interior design project. This includes more than 15 types of drawings to form the complete documentation needed before starting the reconstruction, so that the builders can get the full idea of the project.


You can read more details for the whole list of technical drawings in the article “What is an interior design”


Price offers for execution

-up to 15 days-

After completing this step, you will get a general idea of ​​the cost of your interior with an accuracy of 90%. It is always a good idea to keep in mind that you could have around 10% of unexpected costs.

What is included in this step if you use our services?

-We can gather the best prices from the partners with which we work, in a detailed quantity table, in order to distribute your budget better. It will include the following sections:

  • Construction
  • Furniture
  • Electrical appliances and other technology
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom furniture and tiles
  • Lighting
  • Paintings and decoration

The organization of all offers will be performed by a qualified team member from our side who has years of experience in this field. In addition, you will have all details available and ordered, you will also receive a discount, which we have already negotiated with our partners.


Price for the service – 3 €/m2



Of course, we offer the implementation of our design project. This is something for which you don’t need to be concerned, because we can take care of everything. The complete repair and furnishing takes between 3 and 6 months after establishing the condition of the living space and the type of reconstruction.

Throughout the construction work, we are able to manage author’s supervision, as well as to advise the people that are working for any changes that could occur and questions that could arise in the process of work. This way you can rest, as the project will be completed one to one with what you have seen for visualization.