Looking to furnish a new home, hotel, restaurant, or office?

Seek guidance from a seasoned professional!

Searching for something unique

With our extensive experience, our team effortlessly grasps your visions and brings them to life!

You’d prefer to preview the furniture in advance

Our team specializes in sketching and photo-realistic renderings. This way you will be able to get an idea of both the lighting and the textures of the new space.

You need help with the realization

You’re in the right spot; we manage the entire journey from start to finish – a turnkey solution.


Collaboration between the designer and client is crucial for a project’s success. To guide you through our process, we’ve outlined the stages of developing your interior design, ensuring we collaboratively bring your vision to life.

  • Provide us with an architectural drawing/sketch so we can grasp the space’s specifics.
  • We’ll highlight our initial observations and seek your input and vision for the space.
  • Using this feedback, we’ll draft a price quote and set up a contract to kickstart the project.
  • A subsequent site visit will be conducted to capture images and verify original measurements.


Technical assignment

Before starting the design, it is necessary to create a technical specification, which will be the starting point for the development of your residential or public project. We undertake our research in the form of a wish list.

  • Outlook and design that we are searching for
  • Preferences for different rooms.
  • A lifestyle you aspire to.


Floor plan

-до 10 дни-

Development of the floor and furniture plan based on the dimensions, construction standards and your preferences. At this stage, we create a detailed plan for each individual room for your convenience, which would be agreed and approved by you.


Conceptual design

-до 40 дни-

The conceptual project design is the beginning and preparation of any residential or public interior. We clear out all of the details about your vision and requirements for the furniture plan, the aesthetic look and appearance of the spaces. Based on your preferences, our team will recreate your lifestyle.


To achieve good quality about the overall design concept of your living space, we could create sketches showing the three-dimensional solution of your interior. In this way you will be able to orient yourself faster in the concept for which we are heading for.

3D Visualization

The last stage of the conceptual design is the creation of a photorealistic images (3D visualizations), which will be presented to you. From these images you will be able to feel the style, color scheme, combination of materials, furniture position, lighting and decoration. The images will help you sneak a peek of the interior even before we have produced it.


Technical drawings

-до 20 дни-

It is a sequel of the already approved conceptual design and will present a detailed technical solution for the internal design. This technical solution includes complete documentation, a complete set of drawings, details and graphics necessary before starting the execution of the interior project, in order to avoid any follow-up questions.


With this documentation we take full responsibility for the overall technical development and layout of your interior design project. This includes more than 15 types of drawings to form the complete documentation needed before starting the reconstruction, so that the builders can get the full idea of the project.


You can read more details for the whole list of technical drawings in the article “What is an interior design”.


Price offers for execution

-до 15 дни-

After completing this step, you will get a general idea of ​​the cost of your interior with an accuracy of 90%. It is always a good idea to keep in mind that you could have around 10% of unexpected costs.

What is included in this step if you use our services?

-We can gather the best prices from the partners with which we work, in a detailed quantity table, in order to distribute your budget better. It will include the following sections:

  • Construction
  • Furniture
  • Electrical appliances and other technology
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom furniture and tiles
  • Lighting
  • Paintings and decoration

The organization of all offers will be performed by a qualified team member from our side who has years of experience in this field. In addition, you will have all details available and ordered, you will also receive a discount, which we have already negotiated with our partners.


Service price – 3 €/m2



Of course, we offer the implementation of our design project. This is something for which you don’t need to be concerned, because we can take care of everything. The complete repair and furnishing takes between 3 and 6 months after establishing the condition of the living space and the type of reconstruction.

Throughout the construction work, we are able to manage author’s supervision, as well as to advise the people that are working for any changes that could occur and questions that could arise in the process of work. This way you can rest, as the project will be completed one to one with what you have seen for visualization.


“Our team will conduct an on-site assessment to understand the current condition of the space and identify the required modifications for the interior design. Following this, we’ll present a comprehensive quote covering all facets of the impending renovation.


Our technical manager will coordinate with our external partners for smart, ventilation, purification installations. This coordination typically spans 2 to 4 weeks following the acceptance of our proposal.


We can optimize the layout of your space by moving walls, all in accordance with the room’s potential. This is the moment when there will be the most construction waste, and we will take care of its removal.

Modifications can be made to any non-structural elements, allowing for their relocation, demolition, or alteration. However, if alterations impact a load-bearing structure, such as columns, beams, reinforced concrete walls, they will require the expertise of a structural engineer and municipal approval.


Our architects always foresee the best layout for the plumbing and electrical installations according to the standards. When it comes to smart installations, sound systems, built-in air conditioners, purification systems, etc., especially for our customers, we use free consultations from established partners.


We use plasterboard to create modern walls and ceilings that add style and functionality to your interior. Depending on the areas, we use standard, moisture-resistant or fire-resistant plasterboard.
Depending on the flooring used and the welded base, a leveling screed suitable for installation may be required.


After the dry construction, we continue with the gluing of tiles in the bathrooms and other rooms. When we want to have a transition from one flooring to another, without transitional moldings, this is coordinated by our technical manager to accommodate the different material levels.


The main plastering of the walls is done before the flooring, but after they are laid, we carefully pack the floor to protect it from the next step – painting and the laying of decorative plasters.
Let’s not forget that the details are important, so we make samples of the pre-selected colors.


After the main activities, we move on to the details – switches, sockets, lighting fixtures and additional controllers. Afterwards, we clean in detail to prepare a base for the furniture.
. . .


Furniture manufacturing

Price quote

Our team from INDORIO FURNITURE will discuss the project internally with our INDORIO designers and will form an offer with the highest quality materials! This offer will be presented in a personal meeting with you, so that you can discuss different materials, the way of execution and accordingly the budget that could be optimized.
In order to preserve the validity of the offer, we have found in our practice that it is best to form during the flooring phase.


In order to fix the price offer, if we have chosen a different version of the cabinet furniture, we will discuss the different surface materials again. And for non-standard projects, we also make samples so that you are familiar with the expected vision.
If we make custom upholstered furniture – sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds, etc., we will look at a different range of damasks to match your project. If we have chosen upholstered furniture from a partner dealer, we will visit the store together to fix the specific colors.


Once the quote is approved, our team of experienced furniture fitters will visit the site to take precise measurements from the finished floor. Especially when the cabinets are up to the ceiling. The production of the furniture itself lasts between 2 and 3 months. We always strive to optimize the time to release the site! One of the advantages of working with us is that we have internal coordination between different teams. This way, you don’t have to wait for the completion of the renovation works to start making furniture!




Even after the installation of the furniture, we have something to offer you! In our practice, we have noticed that our customers can change their decision about the choice of textile after the installation of the furniture – shade or material of the curtain. Something that cannot be fixed in the project, because the overall interior and the light play an important role in the finishing touches that the curtain creates.
Our team can also assist you with the decoration of the premises for a fixed budged from your side. Of course, these services are offered in addition depending of the work volume.