About the project

Partial interior design
Type: apartment
Area: 66 m2
Location: Manastirski livadi district, Sofia.

Clients needs

The task we were given was to create a modern design for the home, mixing in classic design. An important part is also the gas fireplace, which had to be technically well positioned and integrated into the interior.

Our solution

Transforming the space into an avant-garde look, we combined a classic and modern style that gives a sense of time and history intertwined with contemporary elements. Olive green exudes courage and audacity, while warm pastel tones soothe and add tenderness. And the wooden elements intertwined in the design bring warmth and earthiness.

Imagine the moment when the fire from the gas fireplace embraces the room and the Wever & Ducré lighting illuminates the classic frames on the walls, accentuating the art that the client has chosen with our help. The natural parquet under your feet speaks of land, nature and traditions. It is a place where every detail tells a story and turns the home into a magical universe of memories.