About the project

Complete interior design
Type: office
Total area: 415 m2
Location: Oborishte district, Sofia.

Clients needs

Our clients needed an office design project that would combine the whole company teams working together. Different departments needed separate areas where they wouldn’t be disturbed as a lot of data was being processed and privacy was a sought after factor.

Our solution

After the successful design of the company owners’ home, we were also entrusted with the creation of the interior of their innovative office, a challenge due to the structural features. Through detailed consultations, we determined the functional distribution of the spaces.


In the design, we emphasized natural materials: exquisite walnut veneer, shiny marble – white and black colors, combined with refreshing green accents, as well as a green wall with natural plants and drip irrigation, and gold detail finishes for elegance and prestige.

The name of the company is currently being kept confidential due to the completion of the furnishing. All installations are installed so be ready for the grand opening in June 2024