About the project

Architectural project
Type: Single-family residential building
Area: 280 m2
Location: Bezden village

Clients needs

Our clients needed a house project that includes a spacious first floor that combines a kitchen with a dining room and living room, two bedrooms and office space. The initial assignment was for 200m2 of living space.

Our solution

The original idea was for the house to have a built-up area of 200m2, but at the request of the client, the total area was increased to 360m2. We prepared the architectural project of the house, as well as all additional specialties. Additionally, our clients received assistance from our team in the procedure of the submission of the documents to the municipality, as well as for the next steps in the realization of the object.
The house was approved for construction without any objections from the municipality, which emphasizes the professionalism and quality of our work. The facade of the house will be made of natural travertine, combined with light and dark plaster, which gives an elegant and contemporary look to the property.