About the project

Partial Interior Design
Type: House
Area: 209 m2
Location: Boyana quarter, Sofia city.

Clients needs

Our clients from Arco Real Estate wanted us to create a luxurious, but at the same time, stylish interior project for the houses in Boyana Luxury Residence. An entirely unique project by Indorio to show the potential of the new buildings.

Our solution

In one of our most liked projects for “Boyana Luxury Residence” we have turned the interior into a real work of art. By combining gentle pastel colors with accents of natural materials, we created an atmosphere of coziness and luxury. The design style is modern but with classic undertones that give a sense of timelessness. Lighting plays a key role, accentuating refined details and materials such as wood, marble and gold elements. Every corner of the home tells its own unique story, creating a space where everyone living in it can feel special.