Commercial design

They key factor is that we will need are the small details of the place and its size. You will receive a price offer that is calculated on square meter and after you approve it we will send a team to take detailed measurements. We will also need your phone number in case there are any additional questions from our side about the project.

Architectural features

To give you the correct price and plan everything we will need all of the features of the place.
Irregularly shaped roomRaked roomsPartial interior designFull interior design
Other specifications of the architecture of the place

Area of the place that will be designed

|box| m2

Latest technical drawings or photos of the place

This is important for us, because we will have better idea of the place and estimate the different aspects. You can upload one drawing or multiple pictures.

*Formats of the materials - .jpeg, .pdf .

Current condition of the place

We need to know this because by this way we will be either free to design everything by your and our imagination or conform with contacts, walls, furniture, etc…
Basic construction phaseThe place is only with plasterThe place is currently in useThe place has to be renovated fully and some parts have to be demolished.The flooring or parts of it will be keptThe furnisher or part of it will be keptOther features of the place

What type of interior style do you want for your apartment

To get a basic idea of what you want for the inside of your home you have to direct us if you would like to focus for modern style or to head for baroque furniture.
Modern styleModern classic styleClassic or baroque styleOther features for the style

Changes on the installations

If you don`t want to change anything on the electricity model you will have to comply with the current one. In case you want new places for lamps, contacts or reflected ceiling we will have to create new installation plans.
New reflected ceiling planNew plan for electrical installationNew plan for plumbingOther changes on the installation

Other services

We provide our clients with full reconstruction and furnishing services, so we need to know if you would need our help.

Contact information

We need all of the fields below filled, so we can contact you if we have any additional questions about your inquiry.

Other additional comments or requirements

We need as much information as you can give us, so we can provide you with better offer. If you cannot do this, we can prepare an appointment for a meeting and talk.