3D visualization helps you review the complete view of specific interior, exterior, aerial view or master plan, no matter if it is commercial or residential. This is usually used with advertising purposes to provide the customer with a better representation of the final outcome.


3D visualization is one of the best ways to showcase architectural and conceptual works. Indorio is able to work with finished 3D models, or to create 3D models from your sketches or detail drawings. Our team is able to transform them into high quality photo-realistic images with accurate lighting and presentation material.


The team of Indorio has developed especially for you an optimized workflow, because saving your time and finishing every project on time is very important for us.


What we need to receive from you:

A set of visuals in the form of drawings, preliminary sketches, references or basic 3D model clarifier. Also we need a detailed description for the scene about what type of emotions and feelings the scene has to express.

What we will do:

The team of Indorio will start developing a base model for selecting the camera position and testing the lightings in the specific visualization.

What you will receive:

From the team of Indorio you will receive a clay renders with different suggestions of cameras. Then we will start working on the cameras that you have chosen.

After that we will start with the development of a detailed 3D model

What we will do:

Because you are important for us, the team of Indorio will start modeling every detail that is needed for the specific scene. We will add basic materials to the scenes, so you can get a better idea how your model is going to look like.

What you will receive:

From Indorio you will receive an email with a preview of the different scenes. Then we shall expect your comments, if there are any.

After you have approved the detailed 3D model we shall continue to the post production.

What we will do:

Indorio has a library with different models that will awaken even more live in the visualizations that we have prepared for you. This process will take your client one step closer to the reality.

What you will receive:

From Indorio you will receive and email with a good quality of the renderings with post production of the renderings. Then we shall expect another round of comments from your side, if there are any.

In the end our team will send you the final renders with high resolution. /starting from 5000px/